Korean Beauty Is Taking Over Your Beauty Cabinet (and Here’s Why)


Ever wonder why the counters at Sephora are stocked with essences, sheet masks, and alphabet creams? There are a few reasons:

First, Korean women have insanely high standards for their face. You might’ve noticed this already watching the backup dancers in “Gangnam Style,” or Olympic figure-skating gold medalist Yuna Kim, or just about any random Korean civilian on the subway. Korean women have毛孔(和definitelyno blackheads),皱纹,下垂和dullness. There is only the illusion of that highly coveted flawless sheen. Filter face.

And it’s been this way for a long time. While you may’ve been stoked about Dr. Jart+’s BB Cream back in 2011, Korean women have been perfecting their skin since they were teens. Not only is it common for Korean girls to be taught to be diligent about their skin from a young age, the average Korean adult will stock up on ten to fifteen items for their daily rituals and spend at least twenty “Mississippi”s meticulously massaging their face as they cleanse. Even Korean men are into it: They spend more money on skincare than men from any other country. Even I, a Korean-American raised by a Korean woman, was handed an entire regimen — cleanser, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, mask and exfoliator — when I turned thirteen. (I guess she thought the eye cream could wait.)

致电IT虚荣或极端的图像意识,但韩国女性的需求在韩国美容品牌中具有推动的创新和竞争,迫使他们对研究和开发进行投资,以满足他们高度知识渊博的客户。徳赢综合过关根据这一点report, “Korean Innovation in Beauty,” by Fung Global Retail & Technology, the lofty standards of the average Korean woman has created “an ideal platform for beauty brands to create and test their innovations, including formulas, ingredients, manufacturing processes and packaging.” In other words, Korean women’s passion for skincare is what fuels all the advancements you see nowhere else in the world. So If you’re wondering why all the newfangled “crazy” stuff comes out of Korea (e.g. bee venom, snail slime, starfish, camel milk), now you know why. And it’s also why Korean products are just that freaking good.

k-beauth主要包括护肤品,而不是化妆品的原因:韩徳赢综合过关国人认为完美的皮肤是你可以拥有的最重要的“化妆”。徳赢娱乐即使是化妆品突破,如字母乳膏和垫子压缩(用抗老化成分和SPF),配制成递送护肤效果first;几乎是一个afterthou报道ght. Plus, Koreans like their makeup minimal anyway. Instead of piling up the smokey eye and black eyeliner to create the illusion of bigger eyes, they’ll use眼睑胶带将单色剂转化为双折(称为Ssangkapul)。认为k美是小丑的完全相徳赢综合过关反轮廓.


Fortunately, K-beauty is no gimmick, so you can continue to stock up. And if you’re not interested in buying fifteen products, as a Korean-American can I take this opportunity to urge you to try essence, the liquidy stuff that isn’t exactly toner or moisturizer but somewhere in between? My mom is 70 years old and looks better than most of my friends, and she says it’s the one product everyone needs to use OR ELSE.

Move over, France. Korea is the new beauty boss in town.

**嘿,丝芙兰,你的K-Beauty section包括Tatcha和Shiseido,绝对不是韩国人。想帮助阻止亚洲人的同质化吗?



  1. 我喜欢韩国美容产品,但其中一徳赢综合过关些必须用一粒盐。例如,我不知道你是否看到假人参成分丑闻,最近让互联网变回事。我觉得营销声称在亚洲不太受到美国vs美国。

  2. Definitely, Korean beauty products are awesome.Most of the people like to use this one. I am so excited to buy all these makeup products.

  3. Thanx for sharing! Informative and interesting content to know about Korean beauty. Keep writing and sharing your writings.

  4. Hi,

    thanks a lot for this post, I’ve always loved korean skin care products, I hope their make-up products are of the same quality


  5. 韩国人喜欢完美的皮肤,他们甚至创造了BB焕发治疗。美好的内容!

  6. 我同意你的看法。我的家人也喜欢用韩国化妆品。我们认识到韩国化妆品真的很好。在使用1次使用后非常有效。尤其是面部护理产品

  7. I love Korean beauty products, especially skincare (I find Korean makeup products less pigmented and they have limited shade range for complexion products). But sometimes they’re too gentle and less effective (especially with AHAs), but they win in hydration, though.

  8. 你好萨拉禁令,
    Thank for sharing with us.

  9. 我喜欢韩国和日本美女,让我在美丽上写博客♥徳赢综合过关


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