薄板遮罩are like theIRL version of Snapchatand Instagram filters. There are so many choices. They can be adorned and shared with friends. And they make us feel better — pretty or goofy or artsy — about our self(ies).

Though masks of many forms have more or less always been part of my beauty routine (think sharing Freeman Beauty sample packets at sleepovers, buying into Bioré pore strips and the Aztec Clay Mask beauty staple), I have been wondering where the sheet mask craze came from.


薄板遮罩原产于韩国, (so it makes sense that inadopting all things K-Beauty lately, we have included masks).Korean beauticians have long used sheets to create a barrier that locks the moisturizing elements of masks onto your skin for absorption.

以K-Bea徳赢综合过关uty为灵感的潮流在大众中尤其流行,因为他们在家里买得起的面部质量。根据DecortéDirector of Communications Emi Hayashi, the trend is likely to last since masks “are treatments that can be a quick fix when one does not have time to go for a complete facial treatment.”

Decorté Vi Fusion Slim and Firm Concentrate Mask
Decorté Vi Fusion Slim and Firm Concentrate Mask 6-pack $180

From sheet masks that foam and bubble as they’re working their magic to those with printed animal faces,这种狂热已经远远超过了美丽徳赢综合过关. 各种各样的纸张遮罩选项,如数字滤波器,创建perfectly Instagrammable moments-很多社交达人的美容品牌都利用了这一点。徳赢综合过关

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所以尽管我大部分都是随意的,偶尔使用面具,I wanted to know if the sheet mask thing is just that — a thing.

It feels like there’s a Cheesecake Factory sized menu of sheet masks out there. There are varieties of applicators — from bubbles to gold to cloth. They all claim to have different purposes and contain a myriad of beneficial ingredients. But do they?

Many claim scientific evidence of their positive results, and I like science.

We all do, don’t we? If something claims to be scientifically backed I tend to trust it.


年代kinceuticals Biocellulose Restorative Masque
年代kinceuticals Biocellulose Restorative Masque 6-pack $120

“I always tell my patients to look for specific ingredients in their sheet masks,” she says. “For instance,studies show hyaluronic acid helpsto retain your skin’s moisture, so a masque with hyaluronic acid can help to hydrate and plump your appearance.我的建议是在你的面膜中寻找有科学依据的成分.”

来自Decorté的Emi Hayashi同意“一个人应该检查列出的成分,以确保它不会损害或刺激你的皮肤” and takes it a step further, suggesting you “try a sample to ensure performance.”



I love a good deep dive into the latest greatest mask feeds on social media as much as the next beauty geek, but sometimes it really can lead to purchasing the wrong fit for your face. Following#sheetmask会让你迷失在色彩、质地、泡沫和果皮的万花筒中。在比较面膜品牌时,你应该寻找什么,一定要超越数码脸。


“Read up on the来自认证网站的评论,如RealSelf.com网站真正的医生回答your questions. If you take the comments from a site like Sephora, you may only be getting advice from another beauty shopper rather than a professional.”

I think it’s also easy to feel conflicted about what type of mask to use.


Dr. Nichols says to “mask smarter” by “bring[ing] a picture to your dermatologistso she or he can match you to a mask that prioritizes your skincare goals.”

This is important, in terms of getting what you need from a sheet mask. Otherwise, in most cases,你可能只是在给你的皮肤增加一层水分.

Both Skinceuticals and Decorté hooked me up with a couple sheet masks to try, and I’m definitely a fan.

I love that护肤生物纤维素修复面膜只推销一些配料,包括biocellulose fibers impregnated with water. Science affirmed: my face felt moisturized from the inside out.

Emi Hayashi shared that the Decorté sheet has “elasticity to fit the face to ensure that the saturated formula is absorbed.” Locked and loaded: it felt like the snuggest applicator.

I’m on board the sheet mask train. I would simply say to follow the experts’ advice.



Annette Cirelle is a writer torn between two coasts but mostly based in Los Angeles. Most days she's a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, but you will never find her without a manicure. Instagram & Twitter @annettecirelle


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  2. When it comes to skin care products, sheet masks in particular are wildly popular. Within them, leading the pack, are Korean sheet masks.

  3. I used to use sheet masks everyday, but now I feel like that’s a waste of money. It’s nice to use them once a week or something for #SelfcareSunday but everyday seems excessive. Some masks are good and some are just hydrating and refreshing, but I have bad experience with rubber masks (they peel a lot!)

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  9. Koreans have really nice skin. I think most of the people did it for “gram”. I’ve tried facial masks before and I was satisfied. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Koreans have really nice skin. I think most of the people did it for “gram”. I’ve tried facial masks before and I was satisfied. Thanks for sharing this.Beauty tips for girls

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